MobilePro Wall Mount

Reclaim your personal space.

The MobilePro Wall Mount lets you raise, lower and position your iMac or Apple display exactly where you want it. This universal design features a no-tension adjustment system for maximum safety and support of your Apple hardware. And it's all backed up by the 12-year Bretford warranty.

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Far Reaching Support

The MobilePro Wall Mount provides up to 12 inches of horizontal travel to let you position your iMac or display in the optimal position. Keep it close to the wall, or extend it out to get a better view.

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to Landscape

The MobilePro Wall Mount allows you to rotate your display 360 degrees, giving you the ability to easily switch your monitor from landscape to portrait, or lock it down in either position.

UL Certified

Organized Cable Clips

The MobilePro Wall Mount has two adjustable cable clips, allowing you to capture your power, video, and USB cables, and route them neatly to their destination.

The MobilePro Wall Mount is a perfect solution for education labs and offices, retail, hospitality and reception areas, healthcare workstations, or your personal workspace, providing you with solid support for your Apple Display and computer.

Works with new VESA iMac

This mount works with iMac with Built-in VESA Mount Adapter, available on the Apple Online Store.


In the US & Canada, our products are available through Apple:

For product availability in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, please refer to our Where to Buy page.

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