Juice Mobile Power

Active learning demands Active Charging. Take power on the go with Juice Mobile Power. Turn a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe charging for the entire classroom or office.

Magnetic Connectors.

Pick-up connectors are magnetic, allowing for safe power distribution, and safely detach to mitigate tripping hazards.


Daisy-chain up to three bases for Active Charging for up to 30 laptops or 60 tablets/phones all from one single wall outlet.


Flexi-hinge allows to track to be folded and packed-up, taking power where you need it most - everywhere.

Cost Effective

Juice Mobile Power eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades, with a cost-effective system that works with facilities' existing infrastructure to deliver power to the center of any room , all from a single wall outlet.

Streamlined Design

Juice Mobile Power track is rugged enough to sit on the floor and at 1/4", Juice Mobile Power track is ultra-thin to provide power to the center of the room without impacting foot traffic. Rubberized grip at the bottom of the track keeps the track in place, and prevents slipping.

Smart Power Distribution

Even in facilities that have adequate AC outlets throughout the room, they are often in the most obscure locations. Juice Mobile Power brings power to the center of the room, so people can continue to connect and interact, while actively charging their devices.

Active Charging

A flexible, dynamic charging solution boosts productivity by keeping devices charged all day, while users continue to participate in learning actively.


Built-in, intuitive safety system, using FLI Charge Technology, ensures safety, by smartly detecting foreign objects, and instantly powering down. When the object is removed, the system instantly powers the track back up.

Quick Set-Up

Juice Mobile Power provides users with the power and flexibility to arrange and re-arrange rooms, without compromising access to power. With little to no set-up, users have greater flexibility to provide access to power for an entire room in a matter of minutes.

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Availability & How To Buy

Country Part Number Education Apple Store (Consumer) Apple Store (Business) Enterprise & Government Authorized Reseller
United States HMA82LL/A (6-FT Juice Mobile Power Starter Kit (USB-A to Lightning))    
United States HMA92LL/A (12-FT Juice Mobile Power Starter Kit (USB-A to Lightning))    
United States HMAB2LL/A (6-FT Juice Mobile Power Track Extension)    
United States HMAD2LL/A (12-FT Juice Mobile Power Track Extension)    
United States HMAE2LL/A (Juice Mobile Power Pod (USB-A to Lightning))    
United States HMAF2LL/A (Juice Mobile Power Spare Cord 2-Pack (USB-A to Lightning))